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Heavy on the melodrama, but my life has taken the big suck. Relationship is okay, money situation is okay, but my body has decided to rebel. After I get back to Milwaukee from my summer up north of course I come down with the flu. I never, EVER was sick much before I moved into this disease-ridden city. I actually grew up in a town voted one of the best for trees. Meaning my petal-soft lungs can't handle this crap. Also I have a nasty on my lip. Also the visitor who must not be named has decided to crash my pity part.

Is my karma meter that low?

Also, I seem to have been taking my enormous shoulder chip to work with me. Today, at Noodles a customer got in my face about his food not showing up, something not my fault, whilst I had an enormous line of people at my register. I proceeded to ignore him and start taking new orders, deafening my ears to the whiny cries of "I want to talk to a manager!"

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Isn't that a kicker? I'm not even lying, it just occured to me about 10 minutes ago.

Oh! I have an acceptance letter to the university of Milwaukee!

2006 Jane Eyre is hotter than hot sliced bread, and Toby Stephens will be mine.

I am sick with a cold. *pout*

So anyway, how is everyone else doing? Harmony, speak to me, I beseech you. Ashley, I will call you as soon as the crazy subsides and give you an update on "things".

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Just watched Little Shop of Horrors for the first time recently...

Teckla, don't get angry, but Ellen Greene's voice kind of make me want to put something sharp in my ear. Please tell me she takes a while to get used to.

Otherwise it was an awesome movie.

*goes off whistling Suddenly Seymour*

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I got my car today! She's perty and blue and her name is Ziggy Stardust!

Finally! :):):):):)

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Okay, so here are two movies you need to see NOW:

Dreamgirls: Because Jennifer Hudson will bring you to tears every damn time she sings...and Eddie Murphy takes 3 steps forward...only to take 3 bigger ones back with whatever the hell this Norbit nonsense is. Song that makes the movie(imho): The Rap with And I Am Telling You in a close and predictable second place. To the former, who could resist a line like Jimmy want a rib, Jimmy want a steak, Jimmy want a piece of yo' chocolate cake? Priceless. Ignore Beyonce and Jamie Foxx who both phone it in in a big way, and you've got an awesome movie.

Pan's Labyrinth: For a lack of better words, 'Not for kids'. I mean it. I went in thinking 'oh it can't be THAT violent'. This is european horror/fantasy/war movie. You better believe it is THAT violent. It's also visually stunning and wonderfully written. The little girl who plays Ofelia is spectacular. The end is pretty confusing, as I didn't know if I was crying because I was happy or because I was sad. Watch it. NOW.

Anywho, that's all.

Oh, and Mal, you left your thespian society card at my house. We found it literally ten minutes ago when we were moving furniture.
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I have really lost my cellphone. As I am not one to remember things, those whose numbers I lost should email me at: mandilynm@gmail.com with them again. Sorry guys! :(
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Got the dvd of Sweeney Todd the musical...love it. George Hearn is weirdly attractive, Angela Lansbury is wonderful, but the girl who plays Johanna makes my eardrums bleed profusely.


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So, lately I have been going to the gym as it is a. Good for my body and b. good to keep myself occupied.

Today me and Kristin signed up for fitness orientation...and in walked teh sex.

If this were a cheesy movie, he would have had a golden aura, he would be walking slow, and "Dream Weaver" would be playing.

He was hott, and it was fun to watch him demonstrate. Lots of fun. Anyway, I am only writing this because I am feeling giggly.

Everyone should join a gym and get orientation by the golden haired, icy blue eyed, perfect cheekboned hottie mchott.

I effing love fitness.

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Better to be king for a night than not_o_f_ckingk for a lifetime.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

I feel emo. Dave is in Pennsylvania until the 6th, and I layed the guilt on about me not wanting to be left alone in this big house with the roommates. It would feel weird. So I made several plans with backups to make him feel less guilty.

They fell through. I was questioned by cops at work because my country-ass doesn't know what a counterfeit 100 looks like, and the other day I got fed up with a certain managers nastiness and walked out in a shaky, teary blur.

Well, I still have the job, mostly because I was told the manager on duty would probably get fired if the general manager found out because there has been complaints about how nasty she gets and it has been a sore issue. Oh well.

I think news is spreading fast about what I did, mostly because they all think I'm this sweet, nice person and running out on a job to be spiteful completely defies canon.

I need a hug.
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So, I go to sycophanthex to see if I can start writing again, and it won't let me sign in. I request a new password, which they send...but it won't work. Therefore my account name is now fuchsiasteerpikeredux and I am going to post The Heiress and future updates under that name. You see, the name is similiar as not to completely befuddle people. I found my name in the archives, so it doesn't appear to be erased. Also, when recreating my name it woudn't allow me to create an exact copy of my old one. Just informing curious parties! :)
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