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I've come to complain.

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Heavy on the melodrama, but my life has taken the big suck. Relationship is okay, money situation is okay, but my body has decided to rebel. After I get back to Milwaukee from my summer up north of course I come down with the flu. I never, EVER was sick much before I moved into this disease-ridden city. I actually grew up in a town voted one of the best for trees. Meaning my petal-soft lungs can't handle this crap. Also I have a nasty on my lip. Also the visitor who must not be named has decided to crash my pity part.

Is my karma meter that low?

Also, I seem to have been taking my enormous shoulder chip to work with me. Today, at Noodles a customer got in my face about his food not showing up, something not my fault, whilst I had an enormous line of people at my register. I proceeded to ignore him and start taking new orders, deafening my ears to the whiny cries of "I want to talk to a manager!"

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On August 27th, 2007 11:18 pm (UTC), dragonfly_vine commented:
I'm sorry you're so sick, I'm just getting over a two and a half week cold. It bites.

And I just LOOOOOVE customers who, despite you being lined up 'round the corner with customers, feels that they should be dealt with first. *hugs*
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